Quick introduction to Videolind

Overview of the interviewing process

Before you can start interviewing, you will need to create an account. After registering and confirming your email address you can log into the interview and start looking around. Don't worry though, you can log in and out as many times as you like — your attempts will be taken into account once you actually start responding to questions.

Before the interview

The very first question you answer will be a test question. The test question is designed to get you familiar with the system and provides a way for Videolind to verify that you have a working webcam and microphone. The test question has five attempts, but the attempts will be reset every time you finish the test question and go back to the main question view.

During the interview

During the video interview you will be asked a series of questions put together by the recruiter. You will record a video response for every question. The questions are in written form and you are given some time to read and think about the question before recording your response.

For each questions, there are 3 constraints set by the recruiter:

  1. The time to read and think about the question
  2. The time to record your video response
  3. The number of takes - how many times you can re-record your answer

Once you see the question you will notice a timer that starts ticking down to zero. When it reaches zero, recording will begin automatically. There is a separate timer for the recording that also ticks down to zero. When it reaches zero, the recording will stop automatically. You don't have to wait for the timer to get to zero, you can always start or stop the recording early.

Finalising the interview

After recording your answers to all the questions and you are happy with how they turned out, the interview becomes submittable. If at that point you decide you would not like to continue, you can still back out and the employer will not see any of your responses. Once you submit the interview, the employer will be able to see your interview.

For the interview you will need

  • a working webcam and a microphone;
  • approximately 30 minutes of your time;
  • a modern web browser.

Videolind currently only works with the following browsers:

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